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This wiki contains 890 articles.

The IBLS wiki contains a wonderful number of standards for the home hobbyist to integrate into their designs in order to properly interchange with other equipment
Van Anderson
I feel it is my duty to pick my own brain and broadcast technical information that would be useful to others, thereby increasing the chances of prolonging The Hobby.
Paul C. Haar, former Secretary of the Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers
Post-graduates in Model Railroading are the "live steamers". This ambitious group build models from the base metal to realistic replicas actually operated by steam.
Victor Shattock


Arthur Wegner running his 3.5 inch gauge 4-4-2 Atlantic loco at J. B. Squires' track, Colorado Springs, CO, June 1961. Photo by Ken Scheer.


The Hoffman Hudson Story

Bill Daney, Live Steam Pioneer

Bill Yoder's 3/4 inch scale registry dated 15 December 2020 has grown to over 633 entries in 15 files!

A visit to the Lakes Park Museum and Railroad in Florida

Using a Sagitta Rule to measure the radius of rail

Building and using the Charles Field Track Panel Jig

History and drawings for "Scotty" Light Mogul

Two Hudsons in Wisconsin

Good Ol' Days at the Windsor Ontario Live Steam Club

Steve Bratina rebuilding the Douglas Massie Northern

Color film of the 1945 meet at Danvers

Paul L. DeVerter II: A Live Steam Pioneer in Texas

August 31, 2019 marked the 50th Anniversary of the first Live Steam Meet in Texas

Stan Grigg's 3/4 inch scale Niagara Breaths Life Again!

Casey Jones Railroad in Breckenridge, Texas, 1929

Dr. Evans Speaks Out on Interference Fit

Joe Cordelle restores Norman Steele's Atlantic No. 711

New! A comprehensive list of steam locomotive drawings

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Regional IBLS Secretaries

Standards and Recommended Practice

Jason Adams at the throttle, Annetta Valley & Western RR, about 1977. The lettering was all hand painted, including the mural on the headlight, by former Disney artist "Hoppy".

Wandering Locomotive Books

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Bill Van Brocklin's No 8 3/4 inch scale locomotive, fired by Pat Fahey at Waushakum Live Steamers.

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