Nick Edwards

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Nick Edwards is a long-time live steamer. He built tracks in New England and Texas. He current owns and operates the Wimberley Blanco & Southern Railroad. Nick was also a previous owner of Railroad Supply Corporation.

From Catalog #9, 1984:

Nick Edwards, Eastern Representative
Nick became involved with Railroad Supply back in 1970 when he sopped in to inquire about building a CP-173, after seeing live steam in operation at the Pioneer Valley Live Steamers and catching the live-steam bug. As a part of the CP-173 building process, Nick became more involved with Railroad Supply and evnetually became a partner in the company, his locomotive taking a back seat to serving as a Railroad Supply Director, Eastern Representative, and stocking wheels and rail supplies. In addition to his involvement with Railroad Supply and working as a management consultant with the consultant firm of Rath & Strong, Inc., Nick has undertaken construction of a 7-1/4 & 7-1/2 inch dual gauge railroad around his New Hampshire home.

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