George Broad

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From Ken Shattock, 27 April 2013:

At one time, many years ago, "George Broad" owned a 1 1/2-inch scale "LION" (Titfield Thunderbolt) that was built by the late GGLS member "Bill Brower".
Bill would normally burn wood and coal in the firebox. But when George bought the engine, he would go zipping around the old GGLS track at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, with the tender stacked high with "whole, un-shelled English Walnuts". They would burn with a terrific heat because of the oil in them. We used to say that George was the "original Steam Nut"!!!
And now you know the rest of the story!!
Bob Hornsby, George Broad and Nick Edwards.

George Broad from Modeltec magazine once said, "A good machinist has a pile of scrap under his work bench.".