Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

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A group met in 1951 to form the club, initially calling it the Western New England Live Steamers.



The next two videos are mentioned on

  • Harold Crouch and his Niagara is at 0:10
  • Bruce Blackman of Ohio and the Lake Shore Live Steamers is at 1:50
  • The first three engines and people were Lewis Bullock and his Atlantic. Harold with the Niagara, and Sparky with the girl who is the granddaughter of Hild, the builder of the engine. She is the one who sold Rob the engine several years back at PVLS.

In this video look for:

  • Bruce Blackman's B&O 2-8-0 is at 2:19
  • In the second film, the man on the high line with the CNJ 0-4-0 tank engine is Mike Field from Canada. The Hild Pacific shows up again along with George Diamond's CNR Mountain.

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