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From Live Steam Magazine, April 1972

BLS 1972 National Meet Coming Up!

PVLS20 BLS40 Circle.png

Three days of Live Steam talk, action and fellowship are in store during the 1972 National Meet of the Brotherhood of Live Steamers on October 13, 14 and 15. The Pioneer Valley Live Steamers will host the meet at their track in Southwick, Massachusetts, and there is a beehive of activity as the club prepares for the event.

Track for running 7-1/4", 4-3/4" and 3-1/2" gauge locomotives and equipment are available with air, electricity and water available at the steaming bays. Tables for display of static exhibits and a boiler for operation of stationary engines will be available. (Be sure to bring 1/8" male or female pipe fittings.) Don't leave your traction engine home because there is plenty of room for operation at the club site. A PVLS member will be available to help with the unloading of equipment at all times and the track will be open for running all day and evening.

For safety reasons, the following procedures must be observed:

  1. A boiler inspection certificate from any recognized Live Steam club will be honored. If your boiler needs to be checked, please have it fitted with a 1/8" pipe fitting (male or female).
  2. Any locomotive that does not have a standard drawbar between the locomotive and tender or riding car shall have, in addition to the coupler, a safety chain between the locomotive and tender or riding car.
  3. Any car supplying LP gas to the locomotive shall be coupled to the locomotive with a lock pin drawbar and safety chain. Cars carrying bottled gas shall have open bottoms to prevent accumulation of gases.

The club reserves the right to bar any piece of equipment from operation if it is suspected of damaging the track and many new switches. The following standards are used:

PVLS Wheel Standards 1972.png

Special emphasis at this meet will be placed on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the Pioneer Valley Live Steamers and the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Brotherhood of Live Steamers. A "20/40 Commemorative Dinner" will be served on Saturday evening, October 14th, and reservations must be made in advance for that affair. Catering service will be offered at the club site during all three days of the meet.

In order to plan for those attending, please fill out the coupon (or give the information on a separate sheet) and send to "Barney" Barnfather before August 1st, 1972. Be sure to enclose a check for the proper amount, too. If you need motel information, please request a list when you send in your registration form.

Plan early! Be sure to attend! See you there!!!

PVLS20 BLS40 Anniversary Meet Registration Form 1972.png


Here are the Secretaries listed in the September 1972 issue of "Live Steam" magazine.

At the 1972 BLS meet At Pioneer Valley Live Steamers in Southwick, Massachusetts is L-R: Barney Barnfather, Jack Kerr (Canada), Harry Dixon & Carl Purinton, all BLS secretaries or former secretaries. Photo provided by Bob Hornsby.