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Adrian Buyse was a model railroader with broad interests, including O-guage, 1 inch scale live steam, and railroad photography. He was employed by Kodak and worked in the advertising department. He was instrumental in the early organization of the National Model Railroad Association.


Buyse's pike is known throughout the country as the Ferrovia (Latin for iron way), and his workroom, the Ferrovia Shops. A freelancer, his engines and line follow the general prototype of the New York Central but he has made some changes to establish individuality.

Live Steam

The Big Apple Line

by Percy Pierce

The Miniature Locomotive, May-June 1953

The annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Live Steamers was held at the secretary's home on January 25, 1953 at which time plans were formulated for extending the trackage of our layout toward the club house. The new officers elected were:

President, Adrian Buyse; vice-president, J. Harold Geissel; treasurer, Kenneth Souser; secretary, Percy Pierce.

Adrian's model railroad activities follow:

  • 1936-1941, President of the Model Railroad Club of Richester, N.Y.
  • First 5 years, Editor of N.M.R.A. Bulletin
  • 1940, Secretary of N.M.R.A.
  • 1943, President of N.M.R.A.
  • 1947, President of Niagara Frontier Region of N.M.R.A.
  • President, Chairman Honors Committee of N.M.R.A.

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