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Harry Dixon runs John Matthews engine "Charlotte" at Southern California Live Steam meet October 1952

In 1950, the club officers for the GGLS were Vic Shattock, President; Tim Reardon, Vice-President and Harry L. Dixon, Secretary. Harry Dixon was the person that secured the production of rail for the new club track. As he was the Secretary, he corresponded with many visitors, guests of the club and especially, other Live Steamers from around the North American continent. One day, Harry started to correspond with "Carl" Purinton in Massachusetts on a fairly regular basis and they became very good friends that lasted for many years. Carl told Harry about the BLS concept and the "mandate" that LBSC had inflicted upon him. He told Harry that the amount of correspondence was really increasing and he asked if Harry would be able to take over his duties for the Western part of the country. Harry readily agreed and right then became the new BLS secretary for the "Pacific Coast Region", a post he held until early 1973.

During Harry's reign, there were live steamers corresponding with him from various Western states and just not those on the Pacific Coast. So, the name of Harry's region of responsibility was changed to the "Western Region"-BLS.

Golden Gate Live Steamers president Art Stewart and members Paul Erbacker and Harry Dixon looking over Harry's 1-inch scale miniature of the C.P. Huntington. The club's old-time station house which was under construction is in the background. Photo by Harry Dixon. From "The North American Live Steamers", March 1956.

Pacific Coast Secretary

The Live Steamer, July-August 1951

by George Murray

A Pacific Coast Section of the Brotherhood of Live Steamers is being formed. Harry Dixon of 1182 Russell Way, Hayward, California is the Secretary and would appreciate it if any of the live steamers he does not know would get in touch with him.


A 1988 edition of World of Model Engineering lists the following:

Brother of Live Steamers (Pacific Region)
Secretary, Harry L. Dixon
22075 Betlen Way
Castro Valley, California


Harry also built a Winton Engineering 2-6-0 Mogul and his beautiful 4-4-0 "DIXIE BELLE", both in 1 1/2-inch scale. The DIXIE BELLE is in Oregon and the Mogul is in Southern California, at one time with Jesse Banning's locomotive works.

Donna Dixon Cooper, Harry's daughter, owns the C.P. HUNTINGTON.

Dixie Short Line

Ken Shattock writes:

Besides running his engines at GGLS and other club tracks, the late Harry Dixon also had a short "high" track at his home in Hayward, CA... The "Dixie Short Line"...

In the attached newspaper clipping, Harry is in the bottom photo entertaining some neighborhood kids behind his 3/4" scale, "Dixie Dee".

The top two photos show visitor, Captain Gary Kubicek, former Korean POW, member of GGLS, and future Charter Member of LALS.

Captain Gary Kubicek and Harry Dixon, on the "Dixie Short Line". From the Harry Dixon collection.

IBLS Secretary

Pacific Region BLS Secretary Change

Live Steam Magazine, August 1975

Harry Dixon, who served as Pacific Regional Secretary for the Brotherhood of Live Steamers from 1951 through 1973 has resumed those duties following the resignation of Ken Shattock.

Ken's letter, dated May 19th, 1975, indicates that the task took time and money from other priorities and that his wife's health requires his attention.

Thanks go to Ken for his work at this job during the past year and a half and to Harry for stepping in to resume the duties.

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