The Live Steamer

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The Live Steamer ran for two years starting with the January-February 1950 edition. The magazine was published by George D. Murray of Manchester, Connecticut.

"The Live Steamer" statement of ownership, November 1951.


George D. Murray wrote the following forward in the first edition of The Live Steamer.

This small publication is an attempt by the write, with the help of all you live-steam men in the U.S. and Canada (who are willing to assist with articles of steam interest, without compensation for doing so, till it is well established) to supply the long felt need of such a small paper or magazine having useful steam articles and interest, on the problems of building and operating our small live-steam locomotives and equipment.

As this little paper grows and improves, it is hoped to include articles of interest for old hands and newcomers alike, in all popular size, from O Gauge on up.

Problems will be dealt with in answering whatever questions come in from readers needing help on such things. There are perhaps many lone hands with no near source of such help, that may benefit thereby.

Readers are urged to send in their solutions to questions that will be brought up. When no answers come in to any certain problem, an answer will be sought from some qualified steam builder and printed in the following issue.

The writer is a member of the New England Live Steamers of Danvers, Mass., a group that is well known to most of the U.S. and Canadian steam men.

With some experience in the problems of building and re-building of small live-steam locos for self and others, and the assistance of others with more qualified experience, it is hoped to make this small publication of real worthwhile interest to us all. It will be kept small in size until such time as possible to improve and enlarge it as more subscribers are added and a few small advertisements to help pay its way. Articles to be contributed will be of more interest to the readers if photos & sketches are included for reproduction. Don't make your articles too long unless it is something that will warrant being run in installments.

It is hoped to further the interest in live-steam and knit all steam men closer together through these pages. How about it, fellows? Let's see if we can make this little steam paper into something worthwhile and keep it rolling right along in a manner pleasing to all, and perhaps even approved by our old friend and fellow live-steam conspirator, L.B.S.C. himself. Suggestions or the further contents will be gladly welcomed.

Final Issue

The following notice was included as an insert in the The Live Steamer, November-December 1951.

This is the final issue of The Live Steamer until further notice. No subscriptions are being accepted beyond this issue and those paid up in advance will be adjusted by mail. Readers will be advised on any future developments for it, but circumstances at the present time make it necessary to cease publication.

I will continue to sell the LBSC steambooks and take subscriptions to Model Engineer and advise by mail on new books and such that will be published by Percival Marshall Company in the future.

It has been a pleasure to meet and talk by mail with many of you. I wish to thank all subscribers for their support and especially those who generously sent in articles to help it along and otherwise contributed to the magazine. I hope that at a future time we may again resume our friendly contacts and interest in the hobby of live-steam.

George D. Murray, Editor
189 School Street
Manchester, Conn.