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IBLS founder Carl Purinton with his 2-6-0 "Red Hen" with British lines. Photo taken by Don Hills at the original NELS track in Danvers, 1946.

The basic concept of the Brotherhood of Live Steamers since its founding in 1932 was to "put one live steam hobbyist in touch with another" in order that the new locomotive builder could obtain information that he might be searching for to assist in his individual construction project and not be made to feel like a so-called "lone wolf". Another goal was to have live steam "meets" each year where all the brothers could "meet".

Membership is open to all those involved or interested in the Live Steam hobby. This definition has grown to include all types of locomotive equipment, including steam, diesel, electric, etc.

The International Brotherhood of Live Steamers does not have a formal dues structure as do other organizations. We rely solely on donations from individuals and clubs to simply help defray postage costs.

See also History of IBLS.

Interview with Carl Purinton, 1989