Gary Kubicek

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Ken Shattock writes:

In the attached newspaper clipping, Harry is in the bottom photo entertaining some neighborhood kids behind his 3/4 inch scale, "Dixie Dee".

The top two photos show visitor, Captain Gary Kubicek, former Korean POW, member of GGLS, and future Charter Member of LALS.

Captain Gary Kubicek and Harry Dixon, on the "Dixie Short Line". From the Harry Dixon collection.

Gary Kubicek was a member of GGLS in the late 1940's and helped them build their first outdoor track in Oakland, CA's "Redwood Regional Park". He later became a charter member of LALS.

Harry Dixon wrote in The Miniature Locomotive, November-December 1954

Captain Gary Kubicek has now retired from the Air Force to his home in Burbank, California, where Live Steam locomotives will be given a lot of attention. Gary has one of Lester Friend's articulated locos in 3/4 inch scale underway. He will affiliate his live steam activities with the Southern California Live Steamers.