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Personal MOW Equipment

By Gerry Stuteville

15 September 2005


For those who don't know MOW stands for Maintenance Of Way. All railroads have a variety of equipment or section cars to do work along the track. I have now built up my version for working on the 1/8th scale track. I built the chair on wheels about 6 months ago. This is a copy of one a friend of mine built for his own railroad. This worked out well and I recently added the holders for the parts trays on each side. This was better but it always seemed that I needed a tool or a part that I did not have with me on the chair. I have the bucket boss which has all of my other track tools and when I was working on a track, like the trip to Sherman, it never failed that I had to go back to where the bucket was to get some tool. Well this inspired me Instead of figuring out what to mount on the chair I built another rolling frame and instead of another chair I put a Lazy Susan and a frame to hold the bucket of track tools. The Gandy Chair and the Track bucket are coupled together with a rod. Now if I need something out of the bucket I can spin around and spin the bucket to the pocket I need. No more up and down or hiking back to where the bucket got left.

Now I have my own MOW section cars.