IBLS Wheel Gauge

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The IBLS Wheel Gauge is a low-cost method for checking wheels for conformance to the IBLS Wheel Standard. The gauge can be printed in low-cost PLA or other plastics, or even metal.

Currently the IBLS Wheel Gauge is only available for 7.x gauge wheels.


IBLS Secretary Daris A Nevil prints the gauge as follows:

  • Using a low-cost 3D PLA filament printer "IIP 3D Printer"
  • Added glass bed for smooth back
  • Treat glass with magigoo before each print
  • Adjust printer settings to print slightly slower and improve first layer
Printing an IBLS Wheel Gauge on a IIIP 3D Printer.


Here are various files that you can use to print or modify the gauge to your specific needs. These files are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.


The 7.x inch gauge Wheel Gauge will make verification of your wheel profile easy. Measures flange, wheel angle, and Minimum Tire Width (TW). Printed in durable black plastic.

Only $2.50 each, includes postage. Click here to purchase

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