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A Letter to Live Steamers Everywhere.....

Dear Fellow Live Steamers:

The International Brotherhood of Live Steamers is an historic body of Live Steam hobbyists that goes back to the year 1932 when it was first founded by the late Charles Purinton (Carl) in Marblehead, Massachusetts in the U.S.A.

The IBLS provides the following benefits to its members:

  • Register Live Steamers and assist them in whatever manner required to get the information related to our great hobby that they are in search of.
  • The IBLS continuously records the history of the live steam hobby. To accomplish this I collect printed material related to the hobby (see IBLS Library). The IBLS also harvests live steam related web pages and keeps an archive of defunct websites.
  • Hundreds of articles can be found on the IBLS Website. These articles provide standards, definitions, building tips and more from dozens of authors. This is currently the main asset of the organization.
  • When you sign up you get a membership card and a patch!

So don't delay, click on the link above and join the fun of live steaming!

Happy steaming!
Daris A Nevil,
Secretary, North American Region