Boiler Inspections

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This page presents information from various sources on boiler inspections as it relates to the Live Steam hobby.

State by State Synopsis

This document provides a state-by-state synopsis of boiler rules and requirements. Search for the terms "hobby" and "miniature".

National Board Synopsis of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Laws, Rules and Regulations

Marty Knox writes:

You can look up the boiler rules in effect where you live. Go to and click on Juridictions. You then select Canada or USA, then your province or state. When you click on Details it opens up a window , usually with a picture of your Chief Inspector and a link to their website. Most of these websites will have the Law or Rules and Regulations. Some of them will have an index, if they do you can quickly see if there is a section on hobby or miniature boilers. Others you will need to wade through the Law or rules to see what it says.
A word of caution - you want to be careful if you do talk to an inspector. In some cases the boiler division has chosen to ignore the hobby - you don't want to do anything that will make them take official notice of the hobby.It may be wise to speak to your local club or other hobbyists rather than an inspector.

Marty adds:

Illinois, New York, and Texas have exemptions for Hobby boilers below a certain size. Maryland, Michigan, and Washington have rules that require inspection of hobby boilers but do not require an ASME stamped vessel.

Club Inspection Policies and Procedures

Pre-Purchase Inspection