Harry Heil

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Harry Heil wrote to the IBLS, November 2021:

I found my original IBLS membership card issued by Ralph Tucker in May of 1992, building engines started in fall of 1970. It’s been a long time. Like I said with family, work, church, and restoring old John Deere tractors along with fishing in Gunnison, Colorado for 45 years where I was a professor at Western State University my life had detours like making a living. The first engines started and never completed were a Tich and a small 1/4 scale American. They are under my workbench in a box. The American I sent a photo took me 38 years to complete and the last engine after retirement took 3 years. So I guess I am hooked on trains. It’s been a wonderful hobby and I have learned so much. My main teacher was 50 years or more of Live Steam Magazine.
I do not belong to any club, I guess I am that loan wolf. KSL news ran a short on my hobby a while back, it can be seen on a rerun called Nephi Man Backyard Railroad. I won an international competition with my engine I got a beautiful welder as my prize. I just finished my third engine last week (November 2021). I truly enjoy the build. When it comes to the hobby I enjoy without interference and I have never lived close to anyone else that has the hobby. When I lived in Colorado I had help from several people like John at Mammoth Locomotive Works. He is a friend and several others to answer my many questions. I have been interested because I saw Walt Disney’s train back in the 1950's. I remember the days of steam.
Nephi, Utah