West Coast Live Steam

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From Chaski.org, 30 Juen 2013:

West Coast Live Steam BOOK Project
Post by keyrouteken » Sun Jun 30, 2013 3:52 pm
Most of you know about the great book that the late Charles Purinton authored back in Massachusetts giving all of us personal insight into the beginnings of our great hobby on the East Coast, "Live Steam of Days Gone By" ...
Over the last several years, I have been called upon by many, to write something about the beginnings of our hobby on the West Coast. So, on March 1st of this year, I officially got started. It is a big undertaking! There is much to write about. I feel I am qualified to author this project as I have been an active participant in the West Coast live steam scene for the past 63+ years and knew a lot of the pioneers personally !
I have dozens and dozens of photos of Live Steam activities in my own archives of which to choose from for publication. However, in early June, Robbie Morris sent me another **Thirteen pounds** of photos from the Harry Dixon Collection. They are amazing to behold.
Regarding the main manuscript..... So far I have written SEVEN chapters of history. There will be MORE ! Much more! Chapter SIX contains BIOs of Live Steamers 'other' than my grandfather who Founded GGLS. There are currently NINE bios to date. If any of you or a family member have a photograph or BIO of any of the West Coast PIONEERS in our hobby, I encourage you to drop me a line and tell me what you have, for possible inclusion in this project! OK ??
I have ATTACHED a photo of the current Live Steam Book from the "East Coast". And a nostalgic photo I was involved with, in years past, on the West Coast.
yours in Live Steam,
Ken Shattock

Daris A Nevil wrote, 25 November 2019:

Ken Shattock began sending me stories and biographies in 2013, and continued to do so up until his passing in 2017. My job was to add these stories to the newly created IBLS website. What you see below are the articles related to the West Coast Live Steam scene, especially those involved in the early years.
Unfortunately I don't have the 13 pounds of photographs.
Happy Steaming!
Daris A Nevil
IBLS Secretary, North American Region

West Coast Live Steam

  1. The Shaddocks of England, Canada and California
    1. Victor Shattock
      1. Golden Gate Model Engineers Guild
      2. Golden Gate Live Steamers
      3. GGLS Live Steamers
      4. Victor Shattock Basement Railroad
      5. A Famous Locomotive On The Airwaves
      6. Steaming Along with Victor Shattock
      7. Victor Shattock's B&O President Washington
      8. The Miniature Southern Pacific Railroad
      9. Junior S. P.
      10. Window Advertising: Southern Pacific General Offices
      11. Victor Shattock Mechanical Lubricator
      12. Alcohol Burner for Live Steamers
      13. Piston Packing
      14. Lubricator
      15. Split Smokebox
    2. Arthur Shattock
    3. Kenneth Shattock
      1. IBLS Wheel Standard
      2. East Bay Model Engineers Society
      3. History of IBLS
  2. Important West Coast Events by Year
    1. IBLS Journal 1936
    2. IBLS Journal 1939
    3. IBLS Journal 1950
    4. IBLS Journal 1951
    5. IBLS Journal 1953
    6. IBLS Journal 1973
    7. IBLS Journal 1974
    8. IBLS Journal 1979
    9. IBLS Journal 1982
    10. IBLS Journal 2017
  3. The Shakers and Movers of West Coast Live Steam
    1. Gene Allen
    2. Dick Bagley
    3. Bill Brower
    4. Walter Brown
    5. Winton Brown
      1. Outdoor Model Railroad Runs on Real Steam
    6. Ken Casford
    7. Andy Clerici
    8. Charlie Cole
    9. Harold Collins
    10. Gordon Corwin
    11. Frank Dee
    12. Walt Disney
      1. Carolwood Pacific Railroad
    13. Harry Dixon
    14. Larry Duggan
    15. Dwight Durkee
    16. Charles Garbett
    17. Boynton Green
    18. Harry Haas
    19. Bob Harpur
    20. Chadwell O'Connor
    21. Oscar Hueter
    22. Seymour F. Johnson
    23. Ollie Johnston
      1. La Canada Valley Railroad
    24. Ward Kimball
    25. Gary Kubicek
    26. Louis Lawrence
    27. Irene Lewis
    28. Martin Lewis
    29. Ralph McChesney
    30. Francis Moseley
    31. Chet Peterson
      1. Railroad Supply Corporation
    32. Richard Priest
    33. David Rose
    34. Swan Sanden
    35. Jack Sessums
    36. Tom Stambaugh
    37. Richard Stolzenfels
    38. Buzz Sutch
    39. Cal Tinkham