IBLS Journal 1973

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In early 1973, Harry Dixon was well into his retirement years and had a number of health issues. He approached a young man in the GGLS club to take over his responsibilities. He already knew of this man's reputation and qualifications to take over the position. The young man's name was Ken Shattock.

Yes, it was Vic Shattock's grandson who Vic had raised as his own son for the first fourteen years of Ken's life. Ken definitely knew about the Live Steam hobby-- after all, he had a "good teacher" .

However, shortly thereafter, Ken got married and as the pressures of married life mounted, he decided it would be better to resign his post from the BLS. Ken held the position during the 1973-1976 years and then Harry Dixon took it back temporarily and then passed it over to the late Dick Thomas who held the position until his passing in early 2008.