IBLS Journal 1939

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VicShattock HaroldCollins GGLS 1939.jpg

The attached photo shows (L to R) Vic Shattock and Harold Collins at a public function of the Golden Gate Live Steamers in Oakland, CA. Vic is standing behind one of his Mikado locomotives (possibly 3217) which has not been painted as yet. Harold is standing behind his scratchbuilt SP Dining Car (17/32 scale)in polished brass. Track gauge is 2 1/2 inches. Vic was employed by Southern Pacific. Harold was employed by Standard Oil.

That dining car was one of the most beautiful models ever built in my opinion. The interior was fully detailed with Kitchen, eating areas, everything.. Even down to napkins on the tables. About the only thing missing was the food itself. I have personally seen this car. It is owned by a Collector in Palo Alto, CA.

This photo was taken about 1939. The same year that my grandfather brought his engines and cars to the Industrial Arts Teachers convention, which I think was held in the old Hotel Oakland. The food was brought out from the kitchen to the attendees on "flatcars" pulled by steam locomotives. THAT just about blew everybody away !!

Ken Shattock

Model Railroader Cover

SP "Pacific" # 2422 emerges from the tunnel on the layout of this unique live-steam railroad in Oakland, CA.
Model Railroader, Jan 1939

For you small-scale buffs, the attached photo appeared on the front cover of "Model Railroader" magazine for January-1939. SP Class P-4 "Pacific" # 2422 running as Train # 25 emerges from the tunnel on this 1/2-inch scale 'live-steam' pike located in the basement of my old home in Oakland, CA. It is currently eighty-four years old and sits on display in a glass case in the dining room of my home.

Cheers. Ken Shattock