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Richard (Dick) Bagley was the former publisher of The Miniature Locomotive magazine. Past President of the Southern California Live Steamers. Worked with Walt Disney on various railroad installations at Disneyland--Anaheim, CA. Helped in designing and building the Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland. Worked with Walter Knott Family in design and installation of "Log Ride" at Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA.

Famous for designing the "Dick Bagley Whistle" suitable for up to one-inch scale steam locomotives. For many years, active at Los Angeles Live Steamers and Riverside Live Steamers clubs.

Dick Bagley at LALS on a Disney CP173. Location is a short distance past where the new public station is today. Photo taken in the late 1970's.

Tidbits from Chaski

Posted by LivingLegend on 5 August 2009:

For those of you who have shown interest in looking up Dick's articles, I have compiled a list by date and title. I highly recommend, if you have never read them, that you look them up. Lots of useful information from the "Master".
The 06/1984 article is the last one Dick wrote for Live Steam and was published shortly after his death.
I would highly recommend the Oil Burner, Throttle, Smokebox, Mechanical Lubricator, and Brake Valve articles. For those of you fairly new to the hobby, look at the Oil Firing, and the Care and Operation articles.

And by Andy Pullen on the same thread:

I've made a few of the items from the articles. I have the butterfly firedoor on my locomotive. It works well and wasn't hard to make. He was a sharp guy.

Posted by LivingLegend on 19 May 2013:

Dick and Disney knew each other.... Dick was involved with the marketing of the Disney 173 to live steamers back in the 50's. Dick was also involved with the Disneyland Railroad (no.1 and no.2) construction as well as the Mark Twain steamboat.
The last time I saw/talked to Dick was a few weeks before he died in 1984. We spent the long drive from Riverside Live Steamers back to LALS with one last discussion about Disney/Disneyland.

Posted by Jim Kreider, 7 Oct 2005:

Dick Bagley was a very knowledgeable live steamer who was involved with, for instance, the construction of the Disneyland Railroad and steamboat; published the Miniature Locomotive Magazine from May 1952 to December 1954: built a couple of 1-1/2” scale NYC Hudsons among others: helped many with their steam design and construction problems. I knew him well and learned a lot from him. He passed away in 1984.
Dick designed and sold a “flat” type oil burner which was an “internal mixing” type in that the steam and oil mixed inside the burner rather than an “outside mixing” type basically on which the oil fell into the steam stream. As a result the oil and steam do not have to be played together over a given firing range to maintain a good and proper fire. The burner was fashioned from the principles inherent in the prototype “Sheedy” burner.
Many live steam locomotives have these installed including several of the Berkshires and they work well.

Ken Shattock wrote, January 2017:

The very first time I met Dick Bagley was in 1961 during a summer visit to Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park. Someone said Dick was then across the street at the California Alligator Farm. We went over there and met Dick. For several years he and Bob Day published The Miniature Locomotive magazine-- he once had Disneyland Pass # 2, but after Walt's death it was taken away. He was instrumental in building the Mark Twain riverboat, the Log Ride at Knotts Berry Farm and so many other projects. Originally he was with the LA Parks Dept. He was a member of a committee that was considering the construction of a Narrow Gauge steam railroad between the two parks-- Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.
In December-1973, my new wife Suzie and myself were guests of Dick Bagley and the Los Angeles Live Steamers. We stayed at Dick Bagley's home. He took us around EVERYWHERE !! We visited the home of Robert Day and Buzz Sutch. Also Chet Peterson at Railroad Supply Corporation. Also the Riverside Live Steamers. Sat at the Headtable of the LALS annual dinner and Christmas party.
Met Jim Kreider and the late Bill Webb. My old friend Gary Kubicek was there too. I remember him when I was just a child at GGLS in the 1950's. At Riverside, Dick Bagley taught my wife Suzie how to operate the "Hunter Locomotive" and she did just fine behind the throttle. I'm glad I caught it on film. All in all-- it was a weekend we will never forget ! Seeing and visiting with all kinds of pioneer live steamers.


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