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Jack Sessums built the Live Oak Canyon Railroad, a 15 inch gauge road in Redlands, California.

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Jack Fesco was building a Southern Pacific GS-4 Daylight in 1" scale. A member of Riverside Live Steamers bought the unfinished loco from Fecso's estate/family not long after his death. Jack Sessums did what work was required to complete the engine and it's tender. During the early-mid 1980's, Fesco's Daylight was bought by Ron Mason, who owned Jack's 3/4 inch scale Southern Pacific MT-class 4-8-2. I believe Ron later sold the Daylight some years later.
Jack Sessums owned the Fesco GS-4, and it is the loco used in the movie Tough Guys, part of which was filmed at Jack Sessums' place.

1 inch scale Collection

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Jack Sessums 1 inch scale layout featured in a video produced by The Iron Pony, starting at time mark 16:07.


Jack Sessums, engineer, film special effects producer, dies

John Walker Sessums III, owner and operator of Sessums Engineering and a 45-year resident of Redlands, died at home Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2004, of pancreatic cancer. He was 64.

He was known for his knowledge of trains of all sizes and his live-action miniatures for scenes in more than 30 major films.

Since 1977 he produced and filmed scenes for virtually every studio and independent company in the industry on his own 37 acres in Redlands and at facilities at the former Norton Air Force Base.


  • "Southern Pacific Type: Jack Sessums Builds One in 1" scale", Live Steam Magazine, November 1973

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