Ralph McChesney

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by Harry Dixon

The Miniature Locomotive, September-October 1953

RalphMcChesney HalfInchPacific 1953.jpg

This is a photo of Ralph McChesney Jr with his 1/2 inch scale Pacific, which he started in 1939 and completed in 1940, a period of about 15 months. It is 47 inches in length and weighs about 80 pounds. The cylinders are 7/8 inch bore and 1-1/8 inch stroke, using slide valves. The boiler is of copper and has superheater elements. The picture tells most of the story as one can see the fine workmanship. Ralph has installed a mechanical lubricator for the cylinders, and the water supply to the boiler is taken care of by two sources, axle driven pump, and a steam operated pump under the cab. The fuel used is alcohol.

Ralph is a member of the Golden Gate Live Steamers, and has started his second Pacific, in 1 inch scale.

A meeting of the GGLS in Victor Shattock's basement. Ralph McChesney is standing to the right of the post.

Ralph served as President and Membership Chairman of GGLS.

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