Cal Tinkham

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Cal Tinkham

Calvin C. Tinkham was a long-time live steam enthusiast. He belonged to the Northern Nevada Live Steamers, the Golden Gate Live Steamers, the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers, and Train Mountain.

Starting a Club

The following appeared in The Miniature Locomotive, September-October 1954:

Here is my subscription renewal for another year of your fine magazine. Every issue has some new and valuable idea like the last one using channel iron for rail. We have decided to use it when we lay out our 1-1/2 inc scale pike.
I would like to know if there are any other subscribers in this area besides Dr. I.A. Rushner and myself. "Doc" and I would like to form a Live Steam club here in Reno and would like to contact any other subscribers you might have in this area and invite them to become charter members. Could you place a small notice in your magazine to contact Dr. Rushner at phone 5-4603 or myself at 2-2084; we certainly would appreciate it very much.
Calvin C. Tinkham
214 Hillcrest Dr.
Reno, Nevada


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