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Arthur William Shattock

From Kenneth Shattock, 9 November 2016

Another direct, blood-related SHATTOCK relative builds miniature Live Steam locomotives. In this case, it is my Great-Uncle, Arthur William Shattock, Victor's younger Brother!
In this case, my distant cousin Dea Wallis in Somerset sent me a photograph of a small engine Arthur made around 1913-1914. She remembers seeing it as a teenager, but hasn't seen it for years and doesn't know what happened to it. He died in 1915 at age 22 of TB. Very sad!
See the attachment for the photo. Isn't this simply amazing. I had never heard this story until a couple of days ago!
Engine made by Arthur William Shattock circa 1913.jpg

Kenneth Shattock provided more information about William on

My grandfather, Victor Shattock, was the Founder of the Golden Gate Live Steamers. In his native England, it turns out that besides HIS Father, most of the male family members were employed by the Great Western Railway. (GWR)
I never knew this !!
My grandfather had a younger Brother and an older Brother and two sisters. The older one, Nelson, died at 18 of TB. The younger one, Arthur, died at 22 of TB. Fortunately my grandfather survived the diseases of the day.
Now then, a few minutes ago, I received another email from my cousin in England which surprised me VERY MUCH ...
""Also, did you know that while Victor's brother Arthur was ill he made a working model of a steam train out of brass and copper, I have an old photo taken at the time will attach. I saw it working many years ago as a teenager because Mum's brother John had it, but don't know what happened to it.""
Take a look herein. Amazing huh?? Arthur would have built this in 1913--1914. He died in 1915 !! I never knew ANY of this. My Grandpa never said BOO during the fourteen years I lived with him !

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