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Erection drawing for the "Scotty" Light Mogul

The Scotty Mogul is a 1.5 inch scale Light Mogul. The model has been described as small, compact, with plenty of power.

The original was designed by Carl Purinton. Pershing "Scotty" Scott built one, from which the model took its name. Paul Brien made improvements to the design and created new drawings in CAD software.


  • Bore: 1-3/4 inch
  • Stroke: 2-3/4 inch
  • Drive wheel diameter: 6 inches
  • Lead truck wheel diameter: 3 inches
  • Boiler diameter: 7 inches ID
  • Overall length: 44 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 300 pounds


Scott Reedy wrote:

Paul Brien of Nashville, TN drew up the Scotty Mogul in CAD and did a lot of redesign to it. The redesign wasn't to change any of the cosmetics, it was to beef up a few areas, especially the rods and crosshead support members, etc. The original rods were thinner, and Paul redesigned them to be 1/4 inch thickness, among a few other small things. He made detailed drawings, and they are absolutely great, even down to the boiler plates and how they have to be cut so that the bends will come out properly.
I actually have an original set of the Scotty Mogul drawings, but I wouldn't use them. I would use the updated Paul Brien drawings or nothing. I have seen no fewer than 4 of these Moguls built using Paul's drawings and they all were great steamers and runners, good pullers for their size, sure footed and not prone to derailing.
Unfortunately, Paul's computer crashed and wiped out his CAD files for the locomotive. I do have all of his paper drawings scanned, and I have sent them to the IBLS so that they can post them. Unfortunately, the drawings for the tender didn't get saved or printed, except for the arrangement for the mechanical brake system that Paul designed. It has shoes that press against the backs of the tender wheels. It's simple and works great.

Marty Knox wrote:

Carl Purinton was the designer of the original. Scotty built one, but Carl had built one before him. I think there was something about it in The North American Live Steamer.


At least one set of our Scotty Mogul drawings are dated in the late 1930's.

John Rukgaber wrote:

We must remember that the original prints drawn by W.W.H., and I think that is William Hill, are 7-1/4. The prints from Paul are 7-1/2. You need to adjust accordingly.

From Mill Brook Railroad Youtube page:

This 2-6-0 locomotive was built in 1962 for the late Dwight Winkley of Danvers, MA and Ossipee, NH. it ran on his Ossipee Central Railway from 1970 until some time in the last five years. It was designed by Carl Purinton of Marblehead, MA. Pershing Scott built the first one, which is how the locomotive design came to be known as "The Scotty Mogul."
In the mid-1960's, Al Rothsmel, a hobby machinist in Marblehead, MA, ordered a pallet load of boilers from England and built the running gear for four or five 2-6-0 Scotty Moguls.


Greg Glos built this Scotty Mogul based on Paul's version

Scott Reedy wrote:

If you want to build this locomotive, then go ahead and start. I don't think you need these castings at all, other than the wheels. The whole set of castings is nothing more than 2 cylinders, 6 drive wheels, and 2 lead truck wheels. Everything else is fabricated.
If you can't find the castings, you could machine the cylinders out of a solid block of cast iron, you could make the lead truck wheels from solid steel and either cut the holes/slots in them or leave them solid. Railroad Supply has 6 inch drive wheel castings for their 0-4-0 that look pretty close and would work fine for this locomotive. They are available in heavy and light versions, and the light version would be pretty close to what these castings are like.

Greg Glos graciously provided his detailed build notes of the Scotty Mogul. It is several pages of notes and shows that he took about 24 months and about 1,200 hours (and a knee surgery) to build the locomotive and tender.


Drawings can be downloaded from here: IBLS - Scotty Mogul Drawings. All drawings are in PDF format.

Photo Gallery


Wayne Davis wrote:

Here are three Scotty Moguls triple heading at an Iowa Model Steam Engineers meet. I don't remember who sent me the video. The one Scotty built is in the lead, John Rukgaber's in the middle, and mine under construction in the rear.


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