Iowa Model Steam Engineers

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Iowa Model Steam Engineers

by Pershing Scott

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The Miniature Locomotive, July-August 1954

Iowa Model Steam Engineers. Left to right are: M.L. Bogland, E.C. Elliott, Jim Ridenour, Les Glass, Lloyd Schuster, P. G. Scott. Locomotives are: Elliott's 0-4-0, Les Glass' B&A 4-6-6-T, P. G. Scott's 2-4-0 Petrola.

Out of the state of Iowa comes a bit of news at last.

You bet, beside the fact that we raise a good high standing crop of corn, we can now observe steam being raised in a few boilers. The occasion usually takes place in Waterloo, Iowa, as there is the only track in the state, a 3-1/2 inch gauge, at the present time.

We are forming a club, of which no definite name has been established. The name is not our major concern. We are interested though, in getting the bug no other fellows so we can have more engines around. The track is a 360 foot loop with a switch and siding to be put in next year. The track has some 3% grade which will test you out. The layout was built by Lloyd Schuster in his back yard which is located at 1158 Longfellow, Waterloo.

We gather when the mood strikes, generally a week-end. With a few calls and a couple hundred miles of driving, we have a meet. The meet is always well attended by spectators, of course, and some engines.

Les Glass of Sac City, Iowa, runs his 3/4 inch Hudson which always performs most excellently. At present Les is building a B. & A. Tanker, the chassis is just about completed, except for a few minor details. Clint Elliott, has his 0-4-0 "Little Lulu" there. If ever a yard goat put in the work this engine does, it would really get worked.

Elliott is also helping Schuster get his Atlantic going -- should be steaming by spring -- might have a few finishing details left then, but that is all.

Jim Ridenour, Vinton, Iowa, has the chassis of the Beginner's Loco, current in The Miniature Locomotive, completed. He also has started a couple of others.

As for myself, I have a 2-4-0 Petrolea which is a very fast high stepping English job. I also have an Atlantic chassis about complete.

Some of the other fellows are M. L. Bogland, Waterloo, Iowa; Dean Nicholson, Waterloo, Iowa; Ernest Svede, Toledo, Iowa.

We expect to have a couple of good runs after some of the fellows return from the annual meet at Toronto.


by Pershing G. Scott

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The Miniature Locomotive, November-December 1953

Since the time of the last writing an organization has been formed to be known as The Iowa Model Steam Engineers. This is the first live steam club in Iowa to our knowledge.

The I.M.S.E. was organized on October 4, 1953, at Waterloo, Iowa. The first president is Les Glass of Sac City, Iowa, and Pershing G. Scott is the secretary treasurer. A tentative set of rules, dues, and future club activities were discussed. We have the beginning of what we hope will be a successful and growing club. There were eight members present, with more coming in, three engines completed and three under construction.

In the afternoon we held what was probably the last meet of the season, as from now on the weather will probably drive us to the better-known cellar meets. There were three engines on the track at all times. Glass' Hudson, Elliot's Little Lulu, and Scott's English Petrola. Had several student engineers along with the old dyed in the wool fellows. After a successful run on the track we went to the home of Clint Elliot, where we had an enjoyable meal put to us by the ladies.

Les Glass and L. Schuster gave us the details of the meet held at Toronto. They both summed it up by saying that they had a most enjoyable time. Pictures were in evidence that a very fine display of engines were on the set. Dave DeLancey gave us the details of the stationary engine that he has started. It will be a nice accessory engine when completed.

Schuster told of his spring plans to increase trackage such as the roundhouse track, a new siding, a switch and some mainline signals. These were all tentative plans for spring and will probably meet with some changes before the actual work.


Iowa Model Steam Engineers

by Pershing Scott

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The Miniature Locomotive, July-August 1954

Sunday, May 9, 1954 was the first meeting and run of the club. The day was spent with the operation of three locos on the track and a Case traction engine under steam. It was the inauguration of the new turntable that had been installed this spring. With the new turntable in operation, it was much easier to get to and from the roundhouse. It was a well known fact by the end of the day that the rails were highly polished.

There were several engines on display. Ron Christensen had one of stationary engines on exhibit and a Puffin' Billy chassis along with a 3/4 inch Hudson chassis and boiler. Del Mann had two fine stationary engines, Dave DeLancey bought along his upright boiler for his stationary engine and a very fine 3/4 inch Atlantic of the late Henry Klein. This engine was not in steam for the lack of a safety valve. Les Glass had his 3/4 inch $/& tanker chassis. This very fine array of equipment caused as much comment as the engines that were operating.

On the track were Les Glass and his Hudson, Clint Elliott and his 0-4-0, Scott and the Limey 2-4-0, Paul Otto had his Case Traction engine performing in the yard. What this engine will do caused great amazement. Incidentally this engine is 1 inch scale and very detailed.

After a festive day of operating at the track site all retired for the social hour. Following this enjoyable event we proceeded to Elliott's basement for the business meeting. We were happy to welcome two new members, V.H. Christensen and E.B. Gramenz. Gramenz has a 3/4 inch Hudson that at present is in for repairs. The business meeting was followed by many good movies. Gramenz showed movies of past club activities and film from the collection of the late Henry Klein. Ron Christensen put you right in the action by showing film of his personal travel on the CG&Q. Many of the pictures are of the fast disappearing steam engine. The meeting broke up quite late and everyone left looking forward to the next one.

Sept 1956

Fall Meet at Waterloo, IA

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1, Number 9, 1956

Reported by David Mackie

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