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In December of 1960 Pershing G. Scott, also known as "Scotty", took over the formerly Central New York Live Steamer newsletter. Scotty renamed the publication as the Live Steam Newsletter and published from his home in Iowa. He took a break from May through October, 1962, so there are only 6 issues printed in that year.

Scotty continued publication until ownership was transferred to William Fitt in June 1966. The first issue printed by Mr. Fitt was August 1966.

Scotty was also instrumental in the formation of the Iowa Model Steam Engineers.

Pershing was born on January 10, 1919, and died on June 12, 2002 at 83 years of age. He married Amber B. Scott August 30, 1941. Amber was born June 8, 1918 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and died January 17, 1985 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Joedy wrote:

I have all the Live Steam Newsletters published by Pershing G. Scott from 1960 to 1966.

"Scotty" Mogul

Wayne Davis wrote on

I built a Scotty Mogul with valve gear drawing from Paul Brien's 260. The drawings Scotty sold were from Bill Hall that he drew up from Carl Purinton's Mogul. Paul made improvements to Carl's engine and it is a sweet running engine.

Amateur Radio

Pershing was also a licensed amateur radio operator, receiving the call sign KA0CKU in August 1994.


Pershing Scott passed away in July, 2002. See Live Steam Magazine, November-December, 2002.


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