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An Oil burner is a device for producing a fire in the firebox of a boiler in order to produce steam. They typically take oil in from an oil reservoir and atomize the oil into a fine mist using steam or air pressure.

This photos shows four types of oil burners: 1) is a Railroad Supply Corporation dual burner with manifold. The piping could be redone to reattach both burners. There are two 1/8 inch NPT connections on the back side of the manifold for steam and oil. The Railroad Supply type burner was described by Chet Peterson in So You Want To Build A Live Steam Locomotive. 2) is a similar burner design to the RR Supply but is from Bob Reedy's Mogul articles in Live Steam. 3) is an Ed Spall lifting burner that was described in Live Steam Magazine November 1988. 4) is a Harold Timm type of burner that was described in Live Steam Magazine December 1983.

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