Firepan For Oil Burner

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FirepanForOilBurner GordonCorwin 1951.jpg

Firepan For Oil Burner

by Gordon W. Corwin

The Live Steamer, March-April 1951

This firepan is very similar to big practice. The burner fires from front to rear - No brick arch. Draft holes in sides and bottom. It is sealed to the mudring when put in place, and is lined with refractory fireclay which fires up hard as glass and stands the heat very well. After long service some cracks or sloughing off may occur, but it can be easily patched up by mixing up a little clay and water and putting it on over the troubled places.

The sketch shows the general idea and dimensions are not given, as you will make your own to suit your engine. The fireclay is about 1/4 to 3/8 inch thick. The holes for the draft are molded by cutting wood dowels and greasing them well. After the clay dries and sets they will push right out. This firepan does not go down between the frames for the reason of easy removal.

See also Corwin Oil Burner.