Valve for Oil Burner

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by Will Campbell

October 2013

I used this valve for the last 20 years without O rings in it. Last week at Sacramento Valley Live Steamers when I fired it up the valve would drip fuel. I can only think the newer fuel is thinner than it used to be. I made a new cock with 2 O rings, and it does not drip now.

It has a 1/4 inch slot cut through it, then I filed a small V grove on the leading side of the opening so it opens a little at a time. When fully open it can flush out any thing that might plug a needle type valve, then readjust back quickly.

The valve body is made of brass and the valve cock is made of most anything, such as stainless steel or CRS.

When you make the valve look at the way it will locate in the body, as you open the valve the V slot must be first. As you cut the 1/4 inch slot through the valve, use your hacksaw to start the V grove. this will give a good lead for the die file to follow.

In the cab I made a stand somewhat like a brake stand with a wire below going to the valve handle.

Dick Bagley showed me this trick years ago. The best part about the valve is the long V groove for slow opening, and able to open fully to flush out anything that should get in it.

See also Bagley Oil Burner.