IBLS Journal 1957

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Secretary's Report

Charles A. Purinton

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1, Number 9

This time of year, and with about two feet of snow on the ground, makes it kind of difficult to think much about outdoors live steaming. Nevertheless it would seem to be the time of year when one is able to accomplish something in the shop. From the looks of my track here in Boxford, a rotary snow plow had better be put on the program.

Everybody please take notice that my address has now become RFC, Boxford, Mass. and mail should no longer be sent to me at RFD, Topsfield, Mass. If it is so sent, it means a lot of extra work for the Topsfield post office and a delay in any mail sent to me. This is just a much needed change in the RFD routing in this section.

The writeup in the last issue of The North American Live Steamer about the meeting of the Pioneer Valley Live Steamers at their track at Southwick, Mass. was good, but it hardly did justice to the meeting. It was one of the nicest and most friendly gatherings that has taken place in the east for a long time. The old time spirit of friendliness and congeniality was very much in evidence. It was certainly a pleasure to see so many of the old timers who have been absent from some of the meetings for so many years. The ladies of the Pioneer Valley group sure do deserve a lot of credit, too, as they put in a lot of work with the food that they had available. That means a lot of thought, hard work and just good downright patience. This hard work and organizing also applies equally to all the men folks whose part in an undertaking of this sort is so often overlooked or taken for granted by a lot of people.

A couple of days after Christmas this past year, I had the opportunity of paying a short visit to the Transportation Museum of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad at their Mount Clare Station in Baltimore. The exhibits of the old modern locomotives, cars, sections of rails, the model railroad, the scale model bridges, etc. are all most interesting. They are housed in some of their historical buildings and all in all it is a very much worth while place to visit.

Carl Purinton
RFD, Boxford, Mass

Harry Dixon

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1, Number 9

This year marks the Silver Anniversary of the Brotherhood of Live Steamers and many of you live steamers can look back over the past 25 years and see the wonderful progress that has been made in this fine hobby. It would be an interesting story if everyone could tell of his progress and experiences. As for myself, I have never enjoyed another hobby as well as this one, and I have met and also made by mail, some very fine friends. I hope all of you have found this association to be the same, and that the coming years will continue to be successful to you and the B.L.S.

Friends of Fred Smith, who was formerly a member of the New England Live Steamers and now with the Golden Gate Live Steamers, will be interested to know that he is in good health and this winter his project is a grandfathers clock. His 1 inch scale loco is ready for a spring run, at which time I hope to have a story for you about this grand old man and his fine locomotive.

Reports from Southern California are that the new club Los Angeles Live Steamers have closed their charter with 46 members. Their track work is progressing rapidly and I expect to hear of a golden spike ceremony before the year is out.

The Golden Gate Live Steamers have voted to have their spring run the week-end of April 27 and 28, 1957 rain or shine. All of you live steamers are invited to attend.

Captain William L. Bay, pilot for Pan American Air Lines, reports that he has visited with A.E. Herbert at Sidney, Australia, whose letter was published in the last issue of The North American Live Steamer. Bill, being a live steamer besides an airplane driver, said he was shown a great time at the Herbert track. After a spot of tea, an engine was fired up for an afternoon's entertainment. More about these live steamers at a later date.

Larry Duggan, Editor of The Call Boy, and member of GGLS and SCLS, has informed us that he plans to spend a four month vacation in Italy this year. Sorry I cannot say just why he is going to spend so much time in Italy, unless it is to learn how to make a Pizza Pie on the back head of a hot locomotive boiler. Have fun, Larry, and bring back some good pictures of the Italian railroads.

Harry L. Dixon
BLS Pacific Region

LALS Not Yet Open

From Walter M., 28 March 2013:

In 1957 I was working at Lockheed in Burbank. During the lunch hour we often wandered to Griffith Park, and climb about the full scale relics. LALS was next door but not open.

GGLS Selects 7.5 Gauge

In September of 1957 it was announced that 7 1/2" gauge had taken hold as the standard gauge on the West Coast and that would be the gauge that the club would use at Redwood Park.

Popular Mechanics

Who Ever heard of a Diesel Engine?