IBLS Journal 1956

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No BLS Meets Planned

From The North American Live Steamer, March 1956

Charles A. Purinton

Up to the present time, March 9, 1956, there have been no definite plans or arrangements which have been made for any annual B.L.S. meeting. This is in line with the thoughts of a good many of the members. The reason is that we have realized that there is no longer any need for it and that the annual field days of the different groups can better fulfill the purpose. So, let's hope that the different groups will publish the dates of their annual field days on which they would welcome visitors

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Invitation to Join

Brotherhood of Live Steamers

News from the Pacific Region

Harry Dixon, Hayward, California

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1 Number 4

If there are any of you live steamers that are not registered with the Brotherhood of Live Steamers, or if you know of one who is a lone hand, why don't you get on our records by sending in your name and address. This service will not cost you a cent, and its a chance to meet many others in this fine hobby. Both Carl Purinton and myself have developed many fine friends, hobbyists who may be able to help with problems of construction or locate some much needed material. What makes the Brotherhood of Live Steamers? Why, you fellows. Let's get acquainted--Uncle Sam will carry your message.

BLS Secretaries

From The North American Live Steamer, May 1956

Few hobbies involve more work and all round effort than ours. Partially for this reason no other hobby offers such satisfying and lasting rewards in return.

Those too lazy or too indifferent to appreciate the long range benefits of such an absorbing hobby are indeed unfortunate.

The work involved soon separates the would-be Live Steamer from the true hobbyist, thus leaving a comparatively small group in widely scattered areas.

With this fact in mind it would seem that the importance of a central unifying organization such as the Brotherhood of Live Steamers is not fully realized.

Most Live Steamers are familiar with the B.L.S., but probably few realize how much effort is put into keeping it a functional organization.

Harry Dixon in the west and Carl Purinton in the east--as B.L.S. secretaries--do a considerable amount of correspondence in behalf of all Live Steamers.

And they do this voluntarily and at their own personal expense.

The Live Steam Magazines, their success or failure notwithstanding---might have been difficult to start but for the all round assistance of the B.L.S. secretaries.

And these fellows continue to furnish interesting and worthwhile material to the magazine currently being published.

I, along with the other members of the Golden Gate Live Steamers, Inc., feel that the BLS deserves more recognition and that at the very least the present secretaries should be paid some special tribute for their efforts.

Art Stewart

President, GGLS, Inc


Brotherhood of Live Steamers

Charles A. Purinton

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1 Number 6

Things among the Live Steamers around these parts have been on the quiet side for some time now. The exceptions to this statement are the activities of the Waushakum Live Steamers and the Live Steamers, Inc, operating the Pioneer Valley. Both of these groups have been busy working on their respective outfits.

The little trip to the spring meeting of the Pennsylvania Live Steamers was a very pleasant one. It was nice to see some of one's acquaintances again and to see the various locos in operation.

BLS Financial Support

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1, Number 7, 1956

Response to the "Bulletin on Brotherhood of Live Steamers" which appeared here has been encouraging. Many live steamers have written to me offering to support a movement to make the BLS a stronger and more effective organization by giving it financial help.

Several suggestions have been made as to how this might be done on a permanent basis.

I intend to submit those suggestions to the BLS secretaries, who as you must know are Carl Purinton and Harry Dixon, and ask their advice on what they consider as the best plan.

Let me point out that neither of these gents suggested this campaign but I did ask their permission to launch it.

I hope others will become actively engaged in the movement.

Quite naturally, there are some skeptics who can see no need for a national live steam organization.

Attendance at the national meets sponsored by the BLS seems to indicate that a large majority approve of the accomplishments resulting from many hours of work by the BLS secretaries in organizing these events. The secretaries footed part of the cost of mailing out notices besides doing the work.

Even if you own your own railroad, as many do, the real pleasures we all derive from our hobby are the events in which we all participate.

We make friends from all parts of the country and our neighboring countries and in fact from almost everywhere during those national meets.

Surely, most of you live steamers will agree that what has already been accomplished by the Brotherhood of Live Steamers is worthy of your support. You must agree also that much more will be done with some encouragement and help for those fellows who have toiled unselfishly to promote the live steam hobby and show the way to more enjoyment from it. If you agree tell a friend.

Art Stewart
Golden Gate Live Steamers

PVLS Golden Spike

Pioneer Valley Live Steamers Club

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1 Number 8, 1956

Carl Purinton of Topsfield, Mass. officially opened the three day (October 12, 13 and 14) public exhibition of the Pioneer Live Steam Club by laying two golden spikes, one each for the three quarter-inch and the one-inch gauge tracks.

The meet was held at the club's two acre lot in Southwick, and the engines ran from early morning til late at night. It was estimated that approximately three thousand sightseers visited the meet.

All in all there were about 35 engines at the meet, and all were run during the three days. Listed are some of those who had engines running. Three quarter inch scale:

  • Bill Morewood of Doylestown, PA - 4-4-0 Early American
  • Stanley Robinson of Tenafly, NJ - 4-4-2 Boston & Maine Atlantic
  • Jay Duke of Clifford, NJ - 4-6-4 Hudson
  • Don Tingley of Elmira, NY - C&O Pacific
  • Fred Bohn of Bridgeport, Conn - 4-6-6-4 Articulated
  • Joe Hild of Carlstadt, NJ - Baltimore & Ohio P.7 4.6.2
  • Chalres Nass of Hicksville, RI - 4-8-4
  • Carl Chase of Rochester, NY - New York Central 4-6-4
  • Bill Van Brocklin of Dover, Mass - 4-4-0 American
  • Joe Friend of Danvers, Mass - B&A Tanker
  • Fred Schmidt of Plainfield, NJ - 0-6-0 British Type
  • Andy Hartland of Boston, Mass - 0-4-0 British Type
  • James Tierney and Harry Quick of Mahanoy City, PA, brought the only one-inch scale loco, a 4-6-4 Hudson

The PVLS Club is five years old and Francis E. Webster of Springfield is its president. The lot is located on Hillside Ave., Southwick off Route 202 South out of Westfield, Mass.

GGLS Planning New Track

By August of 1956 discussion was underway as to whether a planned ground track at Redwood Park should be 7 1/4" gauge or 7 1/2.

NELS Meets

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1, Number 9, 1956

We have had three good meets since our last news note. Saturday, November 10th, 1956 at Yankee Shop, with a little better than a dozen members present, we read and accepted our lease for the land the track is now on. The Secretary read the report on cash and dues, which looks more encouraging that it has in the past. Our bank account is beginning to show a decent balance. Two memberswere elected to the Club and have been duly notified.

Our first Cellar Meet was held at the home of Stan Younie in Quincy with Stand and Otto Hosman as hosts. There were almost fifteen members there. We enjoyed a sound and color film on the "Steel Fastener" which was very educational. The meeting was enjoyed by all who attended.

Our last meeting was held January 5th at Jeff Roberts'. Two films were shown: a new film of Disneyland by Les Friend and "The Nickel Plate Story" by the Nickel Plate Railroad. Steam engines, diesels, steam automobiles got a thorough discussion along with the various aspects of boring cylinders, etc.

Our next meeting is to be held on Saturday, February 2nd, 1957, at the home of Carl Purinton in Boxford, Massachusetts. Carl always has lots of interesting steam engines, pictures, etc., for all to see. We may also have a sound and color film on railroading or a film of mechanical interest.

We hope that everyone enjoyed a pleasant holiday season and wish you the best for the New Year. We are planning a Spring steam-up, to start the season with a bank, on May 25th and 26th; thence we return to our regular meeting schedule the first Sunday of the month until our Annual Eastern Fall Meet in October.

Joseph P. Friend, President