Texas Railway Supply Inc

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From Large-scale Model Railroading, p 6

Cliff Pettis of Texas introduced a low cost line of car and locomotive parts, all in 1-1/2" scale. This line changed hands many times during the thirty or more years that it was available; originally starting as "Texas Railways" which became "Miller's Backyard Railroads", followed by "Bethlehem Pattern Supply", and finally, "Texas Railway Supply Inc". It is felt that this line started many enthusiasts in 1-1/2" scale modeling.

From Live Steam Magazine, February 1976:

7-1/2 inch gauge RRSC standard observation, Fibreglass construction $900. 7-1/2 inch gauge TRS GE 70-ton twin diesel units (one powered and one rider), Fibreglass bodies, steel frames, automatic reverse, light, horn, bell, 5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine, super detail $1,395. TRS assorted Live Steam and railroad patterns -- all on match board. Send SASE for list, Terry McGrath, 4800 White Settlement, Ft. Worth, Tx 75114.

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