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Southern Ps-4 Pacific Castings

The following advertisement appeared on the back page of Live Steam Magazine, April 1972.

LeeStephens Ps4 Castings LiveSteam 197204.jpg
Complete Castings Set
Southern Ps-4 Pacific
All castings needed to build the Ps-4 Pacific Locomotive and Tender are now being offered for the low price of -
$695.00 f.o.b. Chattanooga
This includes a set of read-to-mount springs and trunnions. A few castings not shown in the picture such as domes, smokebox front, bell bracket, etc., are also included in the set. These are of excellent machinable grey iron. Plans and instructions are furnished. A 4-8-2 may be made by using 2 more drivers and 2 more frame sections.
Stamped and certified boiler for the Southern Ps-4 Pacific -
$675.00 f.o.b. Chattanooga
If you do not have a lathe, enroll in an evening machine shop class and build this Pacific ... or turn it over to a high-school machine shop as a class project and assemble it in your own shop. At any rate, GET STARTED NOW! Plans and instructions $10.00, fully refundable on casting order.
Lee Stephens
3715 Kings Road
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37416