Bethlehem Pattern and Model Shop

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Bethlehem Pattern and Model Shop was a supplier of castings and parts for building diesel engines and other road equipment in 1.5 inch scale. They were located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Bethlehem Pattern and Model Shop was closely associated with Lehigh Railroad Models.


Robert Miller sold the Miller Backyard Railroads about 1960-62. The buyer was Cliff Lynn of Bethlehem Pattern and Model Shop.

From Large-scale Model Railroading, p 6

Cliff Pettis of Texas introduced a low cost line of car and locomotive parts, all in 1-1/2" scale. This line changed hands many times during the thirty or more years that it was available; originally starting as "Texas Railways" which became "Miller's Backyard Railroads", followed by "Bethlehem Pattern Supply", and finally, "Texas Railway Supply Inc". It is felt that this line started many enthusiasts in 1-1/2" scale modeling.

Bill Koster wrote, November 2016:

Those are Bethlehem sideframes. I bought my first 7 1/2 inch equipment from them in a visit to Bethlehem in 1963.
A SOO Line Switcher built by Koster's using Bethlehem side frames on the trucks.