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James Grafton McInnish (1903-1981) was a live steamer from Plainview, Texas.

1957 GGLS Spring Meet

Harry L Dixon wrote the following in 1957:

Grafton McInnish of Plainview, Texas is shown with his Mikado and I think he enjoyed his run more in the evenings when he could operate the turbo-generator for head lite and cab operation. We were very pleased to have him as a guest in view of the distance he had to travel to take in our run.


From The Harold, Plainview, Texas, October 14, 1965

Grafton McInnish was shown with his scale-model replica of a freight locomotive which he started in 1940 and completed in 1951. The engine works like its prototype, running on water and coal. (McInnish, who died in 1980, was co-owner with Chip Elliott of Phillips Battery and Electric.)


Grafton McInnish attended the Fall Meet of the Iowa Model Steam Engineers, September 10 & 11, 1971. The following was reported in Live Steam Magazine, April 1972:

Grafton McInnish of Plainview, Texas, gave a fine show with his 2-8-2 - the first Mike to run on our track. (Grafton's wife, Beulah, was also in attendance.)

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