IBLS Journal 2013

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January 7

Ken Shattock posted the following message on the Chaski board:

Hi Everybody-- Happy New Year !! Still sitting home since November 10th, recuperating from open-heart surgery. Hope to go back to work on February 1st.
1. Regarding the future of the IBLS... I took all of the survey responses from August-September and mailed them to Ron Light in Kansas City, Mo. He wants to create a super-duper IBLS website. Daris Nevil in Texas has agreed to host it on his server that he maintains. They have each other's email address so we'll wait to see what happens next.
2. I have asked Jim O'Conner of Discover Live Steam to cancel my AD regarding the sale of my grandfather's one-inch scale British CRAMPTON locomotive. Over the past several months I received four inquiries from somewhat stupid or shady non-live steam persons who really didn't understand what I had and from what I gathered on GOOGLE, in a couple of instances, turned out to be "collector auto" junkyards. I don't know what I will do with the locomotive.. I have no place to run it. Was thinking about donating it to GGLS which my Grandpa started--but they probably wouldn't want it. Maybe a museum someday--who knows!!
3. Regarding the thread about the sale of Doug Alkire's famous B&O P-7 locomotive.. viewtopic.php?f=30&t=92887
I have a comment about being a "RELATIVE" of a well-known live steamer...... It is NOT a position I enjoy!! My grandfather made a LOT of locomotives, traction engines, stationary engines and boats. Started about 1913 in Calgary, Alberta. Probably built more locomotives than most other guys in this country, with the possible exception of the late Dick Thomas. Now then, say a Vic Shattock loco becomes available someplace... I've seen that happen many times and the seller will NOT sell it to me!! Also, if "Joe Doakes" can buy one for $5000, the seller wants considerably MORE from ME, because I happen to be the builders grandson. I point this out because after reading Alkire's thread, I feel for his relatives. So in closing, I will say that it is NOT that great sometimes, to be related to a pioneer live steamer! Thanks for listening!
Ken Shattock

March 2

The IBLS website officially opened. It was created under the direction of Kenneth Shattock by Ron Light and Daris A Nevil. Daris and Marianne Nevil created the new logo.

This message was sent to several live steam groups.

Hello Fellow Live Steamers,

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new International Brotherhood 
of Live Steamers web site.


The site has been constructed under the direction of Ken Shattock, Secretary to the North 
American Region of IBLS. It contains the IBLS Wheel Specifications along with other useful 

A current project underway for the site is a list of all live steam clubs. We are also 
seeking short histories for each club to be included in the WIKI.

Please forward suggestions and corrections for the site to daris@nevil.org.

Daris Nevil