IBLS Journal 1966

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BLS Decal

From Live Steam Newsletter, December 1966

Brotherhood of Live Steamers Decal

Announcement of the avilability of a new window decal for members of the Brotherhood of Live Steamers has just been made by Don Bauer. This decal features a white border around a red band enclosing a white center.

Don started work on this design last summer and the reproduction here is from one of the first ones off the presses. All of the known Live Steam clubs have been notified of his program some time ago and on the basis of replies, Don placed the order.

Hats off to Don for undertaking this project...and for turning over the profits of this venture to Harry Dixon (West Coast) and Ed Kruckeberg (East Coast), Secretaries of the Brotherhood of Live Steamers to hel pdefray their expenses in connection with their work in this organization!