George Thomas

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George Thomas, of Oakmont, PA, was a member of the Pennsylvania Live Steamers. He built at least three 1-inch scale live steam locomotives.

Carl A. Purinton reported the following in The Miniature Locomotive, November-December 1952:

George Thomas of the Pennsylvania Live Steamers brought his 1 inch Philadelphia and Reading 4.6.0. It attracted a lot of attention as it was not only a good engine but the only "Mother Hubbard" there. The trollies for this engine had a straight air brake system. This could well be a good system for the larger gauges and everyone will be looking forward to learning more about it in some future issue of The Miniature Locomotive.

Bill Shields wrote on

1-inch scale loco, weighs in at around 100 pounds, designed so that all water comes THROUGH the smoke box / saddle. 4 bolts on saddle (shown) and 3 on the drag beam and off comes the boiler, cab, name it. Built in 1966 by George Thomas (Philadelphia area)....for when he got 'old' and not able to lift an assembled 1" loco any longer. Man in photo is Bob Blackson.