Exhaust barker

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Exhaust barker

by Harry Dixon

There are many Live Steamers who like to try out various ideas of others and here is a sketch of an "Exhaust Barker" as submitted by a Live Steamer in Seattle. He is Wild Bill Giddings, 355 John St., and he claims to have this gadget working in the smoke box of his 3/4 inch Pacific. He reports very gratifying results.

Now this idea is nothing new; it has been taken from the old-time donkey engines that were used in the north woods in years gone by. With this device, a donkey could be heard for miles, so that if an engine was unattended and ran out of steam and stopped one could tell right away it was in trouble.

Of course this may or may not be a means of keeping a line on your locomotive if you are going to let it run off in the woods, but it looks like it may be some fun to try it out. Your coal burner may have trouble keeping it clear from soot.

ExhaustBarker Miniature Locomotive JulAug1954 023.jpg