Alan Armitage

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Alan Armitage designed the 3/4 inch scale Atlantic 2-4-2 that was offered by Yankee Shop and Friends Models.

Boston & Maine 4117

The following auction appeared on, November 2020:

Estate find LIVE STEAM drawings 3/4 inch scale Boston & Maine 4117 4-8-2 R1d class by Al Armitage. Al Armitage was a master designer and draftsman for a lot of model firms as well as magazine work. he was a professional model builder of high standards. He was involved in the Live steam hobby in the 3/4 inch scale line. This is his design and workbook for his 3/4 inch scale Boston & Maine 4117 4-8-2 R1d class. I have not been able to find out how far or if it was finished let alone its final disposition after his death. But there is proof that it was started as notes state what was drawn, cast, machined and its prices! He did a lot of work for Precision Scale Company of brass model fame. They were coming out with a small line of 3/4 inch scale brass castings, air pumps, headlights and such. I believe Al was designing this locomotive around some of those parts! Sadly he had not completed all drawings yet. There are some blank sections. Inside of other sections he has list of drawings(prototype) and his model drawings listed. These are all original, some pencil, some ink on paper, or the old clear plastic.
  • book is broken up into sections
  • frame section has a lot of drawings
  • cylinder has a lot
  • running gear has rods and valve gear
  • pilot truck is very detailed
  • nothing in trailing truck
  • smoke box is full of details: throttle, super heater
  • boiler section has no drawings, but has list
  • cab with throttle lever
  • tender truck 5 drawings of details
  • tender frame 3 drawings of details
  • tender tank 4 drawings
  • a lot of the sections reference full size drawings with details to work from.
  • the tender was a centipede style, probably designed to use the old friends casting as well as rear truck?

Locomotive Art


Alan Brewer Armitage, born 1913.

  • National Model Railroading Association (Lifetime Member Pioneer, 1997)
  • The Massachusetts Society of Model Engineers (O Scale)
  • New England Live Steamers
  • Boston & Maine (Brakeman & Art Department)
  • Professional Photographer
  • Northeastern Scale Models (Developer & Designer) Designed famous “Yellow Box”
  • Atkins & Merrill (Professional Designer)
  • Models Unlimited (Van Nuys, California)
  • 1964 Developed N Scale Kadee Rail Spiker (Medford Oregon)
  • Kemtron Corporation (1965, California)
  • Maineline Modeler (Artist)
  • Train Miniature and Balboa Scale Models, LaMesa, California (Advertising & Photography)
  • Private Owner Reeefers (Artist)
  • Russ Tipple & Associates, LaMesa, California (Architectural Scale Models)
  • Micro-Scale, Santa Ana, CA (Billboard signs)
  • Precision Scale Models, 1979. (Freelance work)
  • Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette (Contributor)

NMRA Member

From NMRA:

Armitage, Alan B. CA [1997] NMRA Honorary Life Member. Author and draftsman since 1930s Railroad Model Craftsman, Model Railroader. O gauge modeler.