Kemtron Corporation

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Levon John Kemalyan (24 February 1907 Fresno, California – 2 November 1976 Fresno, California) was a model railroading entrepreneur. He founded Kemtron Corporation, a manufacturer of model railway cars, locomotives, parts (especially for scratchbuilders), and accessories. In 1960 it was the world's largest maker of scale railroad kits, producing one million parts a year and selling them worldwide to enthusiasts as far away as India and Australia.

Kemtron Bell

Kemtron Corporation produced the X-1115 Bell Kit in 1-1/2 inch scale. It originally retailed for $17.50. The following photos and description were from an eBay posting, January 2015.

This loco bell was made by Kemtron years and years ago. It came as a kit and was intended to be used on large scale back yard steam locomotives. It is scaled for 1-1/2" Locomotives. But as the instructions suggest, a nice desk top display is also an option. It is made of brass. It is fully functional, although the piston/cylinder assembly is just for show, the bell swings and dings. The opening of the bell bottom is 2". It stands nearly 4" tall from bottom of bell base to top of rope lever pull. Nearly 4 1/2" tall with wood base.