3/4 Inch Scale Registry

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The Registry


15 December 2020

Dear friends mostly in North America:

Here we have the first roster update since June. We’re now up to 633 loco entries, 24 more than last time. Of course, a number of other pages have been updated. The 3 ½ inch Facebook pages and the Chaski forum remain the primary info sources. Removing the glitches and errors is a constant task – I’m always happy for any and all additions and corrections.

I’m troubled by a statement from Steve Bratina from 23 August: “The 3/4 inch scale registry has some inaccuracies that unless changed, stand as fact.” I’m not sure he’s referring to my registry, his statement though is above reproach: Like a virus, inaccuracies tend to get a life of their own, multiplying themselves and becoming nearly indestructible. (That’s certainly also true for full-size loco listings.)

What to do – quit or blow up my files in hopes of killing misinformation? I remain unwilling to burn the phone lines trying to reach additional sources of info. I do enter all corrections sent my way and I appeal to you to keep on doing so. It would be a great help to attend several steam meets – I’d love to come to Montreal in the foreseeable future.

A few new matters:

1. Very neat that the work of the late Don Strom of Minneapolis region has surfaced: a 2-8-4, 2-6-6-6 and 4-6-6-4! I assume they’re all in the museum at Duluth.

2. Who knows whether the GTW 4-8-2 in the Imlay City MI museum is live steam?

3. The Reading 4-6-2 (462.RDG176.unknown) at the Pioneer Valley LS in 1961 looks really neat. Where could she be today?

4. Steve Bratina has the Griggs Niagara (484.NYC6001.Griggs) back in one piece. She looks terrific!

5. Didn’t really have room to include a shot of the exquisite tender for Chuck Balmer’s PRR turbine. The project appears to be chugging (whirring) along nicely!

6. Incidentally: It’s not really true that British models took over the North American scene long ago. Brits seem to like North American stuff, too: Eight of the nine Columbia 4-8-4’s and nine of 10 Caribou 0-8-0’s listed are outside North America. Sixteen of the 31 Virginia 4-4-0’s listed are not in North America. At least two ¾ inch Challengers and a Big Boy are in the UK.

All the best,

Bill Yoder



To register your 3/4 inch locomotive, or to provide information on the whereabouts of one, please email Bill:

  • kant50(at)gmx(dot)de

Bill requests the following information:

  • Modeled after or castings from
  • Lettering
  • Scale
  • Owner
  • Contact
  • Builder
  • Year completed
  • Year acquired by present owner