West Michigan Live Steamers

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From "The Miniature Locomotive", May-Jun 1953

John C. Pugh, Secretary

Box 69, Grand Junction, Michigan

WestMichiganLiveSteamers circa1953.PNG

Picture is West Michigan Live Steamers at their summer meet. We have 3 egines in 1" scale and operate on 600 ft. of track laid on the ground. We use standards of Southern California Live Steamers Club as set forth by Keith and Jackson.

Members are Ken Stanaback, Pacific engine; John C. Pugh, Berkshire 2-8-4; Ed Moore, Hudson 3/4, 4-6-4.

John Pugh of Grand Junction, Michigan with his 2-8-4 Berkshire. This engine has covered a good many fairs and rodeos around the state. Now, four years old, it still is an excellent steamer. From The North American Live Steamer, January 1956.