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Tom Miller is a live steam enthusiast who has accomplished the following:

Early Railroads

From "Building a Live Steam Railroad" DVD:

When Tom Miller was a boy, he built his first model locomotive with his dad. From then on he was hooked! Now a Master Model Builder, Tom designs and builds 2.5-inch scale live steam models for his own 20-acre layout. Built around a 7-1/2 inch track gauge, Tom's exquisitely scaled locomotives and rolling stock raise the bar for live steam layouts.

Oregon Railroad

The following videos were produced and published by Model Railroad Hobbyist. You may have to "Save As" and use a video player application to watch them.

In 2012 Tom ran advertisements in Live Steam Magazine offering to sell the railroad. In answer to questions about his health he wrote:

Fortunately, I am not dying or in ill health other than getting older than dirt.
I am also not in any financial trouble. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop in that regard.
I did buy a second home near Sedona Arizona where I now live 6 months of the year.
I still enjoy railroading and so do my grand kids. However, it is time to let someone else take stewardship of what I have created. I intend to keep my locomotives and run them at club railroads around the country unless the new owner insists they go with the property. After all they are just stuff and I could build other and different locomotives.
As to the question of price, it is not stated in the ad because it would vary with what the buyer wants. Some things must go with the property and others could be moved. But as someone stated it is in the millions. Around 4 million to start. At that price I don't expect the place to sell for several years and that is just fine with me. I still enjoy running both layouts. However, I am not going to live for ever and you have to start sometime considering letting it all go.
Hope this clears things up a little. See you around the tracks.
Happy Steaming,

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