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Trucks, couplers and cars for 1-1/2 inch scale.

Expansion 2016

Tom sent out the following message on 25 March 2016:

An announcement from TOM BEE TRUCKS
Most of you know me as a supplier to this great hobby of ours. I have been supplying fine trucks and couplers to the hobby of large scale railroading for 25 years. I put my heart and soul into it. I plan on continuing to serve the hobby for many years to come. I am not downsizing or retiring in any way, shape or form. In fact, I am expanding. There is a wonderful young man and good friend of mine for twenty years who has been in the hobby for even more years. His name is Marcel Urich. Marcel is from Ohio, not Florida. I chose him to help me out to expand TOM BEE TRUCKS. He will supply all the fine trucks and couplers as I do. He was introduced to my friends and customers in Florida last February as my new partner. I am NOT retiring by any means. You will see Marcel in the future at many of the clubs around the country. Marcel will produce trucks and couplers from patterns and molds directly from me. This will ensure top quality of railroad products just as TOM BEE TRUCKS has done for 25 years. He will keep the tradition of fine trucks and couplers as I did along with top notch customer service. He has been a devoted railroader throughout his life. He has excellent machining skills along with very good design capability. Please welcome Marcel as you did me.


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