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Tiny Power was created by the late Charles "Pop" V. Arnold of Junction City, Oregon. Charles officially started Tiny Power in 1945, but had built models "for fun and for friends" many years before.

Ajax mill engine designed by Charles Arnold.

Tiny Power continues to provide castings, boilers and parts for the live steam enthusiast.


From the Tiny Power 2014 Catalog:

Tiny Power was founded by Charles V. Arnold. He was a meticulous and detailed model engineer who had extensive knowledge of both steam and model railroad engine design and construction. In its early days, Tiny Power offered a handful of highly-detailed steam model engines and a couple of marine steam engines in either kit form or as finished, ready-to-run engines, in addition to steam engine boilers and accessories. Mr. Arnold died in 1975 after having managed the Tiny Power business for some 30 years, and the business was purchased by Eugene Goebel in 1977 and was relocated to Branson, Missouri. Mr. Goebel continued managing and building the Tiny Power business for over 26 years and then sold the company to Rappahannock Boat Works of Bealeton, Virginia in 2004.
Today, over 60 years after its founding, Tiny Power continues to offer many of the same engines originally designed and sold by Mr. Arnold, in addition to a few other models added to the line over the years.



  • "Miniature Steam Boilers and Steam Engines: How to Build Them", Tiny Power, 1961

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