The McConnell Island Narrow Gauge

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The McConnell Island Narrow Gauge

By T.G. Thompson, Jr.

The Miniature Locomotive, July-August 1954

My immediate interest in Live Steam lies in the McConnell Island Narrow Gauge R.R. at Deer Harbor, Washington.

The gauge is 9 inches and accompanying pictures show 3 inch scale gondola and trucks for this railroad. The gondola car is of 1889 type. Trucks are arch bar design with wheels of 6 inch diameter. Babbit journal bearings and hinged box covers are notable features.

The McConnell Island Narrow Gauge uses track made from 1 inch channel drilled and spiked to 2x3s and 2x4s beachcombed ties ballasted with beach gravel.

The following advertisement appeared in the same issue of The Miniature Locomotive, next to the article above.

FOR SALE--9 inch gauge, 3 inch scale. 1880 Narrow Gauge Gondola Cars with archbar trucks, hand brakes, link and pin couplers. Newly painted, ready to run $178.50. Thomas G Thompson, Jr., McConnell Island, Deer Harbor, Wash.