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Stephen Quandt provided the following information (along with photos), August 2015.

I am building the Little Engine 4-8-4 in 3/4 scale, same as my great uncle Gordin Corwin, a man that you have info on in the web site. I have some photo's I will send at a later date.
I will send you the photo's that I have of my great uncle, the last time I saw him and my great aunt was in 1963, so it has been a very long time. I do recall going to his home in 1957, and riding the train in the yard with his son.
I also sent you a disk with the photos of my great uncle's engine. There is one photo that has a young man sitting on the engine, that is his son, Gordon Jr. The photo's were taken around 1956/57 at his home in southern California. I got them from my aunt in 1996, after the passing of my great uncle, the brother of Gordon's wife. If you wish to use them, feel free as I am sure that there are some old time steamer's who knew him still around.