Steve Vitkovits

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Steve Vitkovits designed and had castings made for a light 2-8-2. Dick Thomas was also involved. The design was sold to Railroad Warehouse.
Dick Thomas had a full size erection drawing of the Baldwin 2-8-2 90 ton Mikado. Steve saw the drawing and said to Dick: "Lets build a locomotive." So Steve worked on the drawings from 1991 to 1993 obtained patterns and had them cast at a foundry in Fremont, CA. Steve wanted to go into business selling drawings and castings but Dick just wanted to build one example and bowed out of the business end. At that time there were about 6 engines built. Steve still has his and was at GGLS today to take it home for some pump work. The guys decided to sell the plans and all rights to Bob Petersen at Railroad Warehouse. Since Bob sold out, I have no idea what happened to the material. Steve still has all the originals and notes to the engine.

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