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Solar Tool & Die Inc, formerly of 720 N. Agnes, Kansas City, designed and built a variety of equipment for other manufacturing companies. They also produced a line of live steam products. The company President, David Huff, announced the closure of the company on March 12, 2003, after 50 years of operation.

Randy Rayer purchased the pump division and changed the name to Soler II Pumps.

Solar/Allen 10 wheelers

Bruce Saylor posted on, 17 December 2008:

I own 2 of these Solar/Allen 10 wheelers. They have Allen cylinders made up to look like piston valve locomotives. One I completed in Feb. 2006. I am now working on the second one. I hope to have it complete by the Winter Meet in Florida. If complete it will be for sale and if someone wants to buy it I will take it to run. It will be a coal burner.
They used Allen castings for drivers, cylinders, stack, and dome pieces along with tender trucks. Everything was by CNC machining of which I know nothing about!
8 of these locomotives were partially built by Solar Tool and Die Co. First 4 were sold around 1999-2000. Last 4 were sold when they went out of business in 2003. Chassis were complete and are as fine as a watch. It is 7-1/2 inch gauge.

Solar Dual Piston Pump

The following auction appeared on eBay, 16 September 2015:

Up for sale is a 1.5" Scale First Run (Serial Number 196) Solar Dual Cylinder Water Pump. This pump is brand spankin new and comes with the original Solar Installation Documentation. These pumps are highly sought after by live steamers and collectors alike. They have a reputation for flawless operation, ease of installation and reliability that can't be beat.

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